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Ithraa History The entity of African Non Arab Hujjaj company was officially established in the year 1404 AH as a restricted institution with a specific and closed group of contributors. It specializes in providing Hajj services exclusively for pilgrims coming from non-Arab African countries. This initiative aligns with the vision of Saudi arabia 2030 and the wise directives – may Allah preserve them – launched under the program 'Guests of the Merciful,' aiming to receive 30 million Hajj and Umrah pilgrims by the year 2030. Through the institutional transformation program, the institution was converted into a closed joint-stock company with 1185 shareholders, and in the year 1443 AH, it became 'Matawafie Hajaj Al-Duwal Al-Afriqiyah Non Al-Arabia Company.' From it emerged 'Ithraa Alkhair Company.' Today, the company stands as one of the leading pilgrimage service providers, catering to an average of 200,000 pilgrims from 48 non-Arab African countries. Who is Ithraa? As Ithraa Alkhair, we are a distinguished and comprehensive Hajj company offering a range of services to the guests of the Merciful. We are committed to providing an exceptional and comfortable Hajj experience for pilgrims.

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