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Rifad limited liability company to serve the guests of Rahman which was established under license from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah It is one of the subsidiaries of the Tawaf Company for the pilgrims of Turkey Europe America and Australia Rifad always work and strive in the spirit of one team with honesty and sincerity to provide all means of assistance to the guests of Rahman to overcome and facilitate obstacles so that they can perform their rituals with ease and reassurance and we seek to be one of the leading and distinguished companies in improving the services provided to pilgrims Our principles Humanity Dealing humanely with pilgrims of all ages and races Sincerity Providing services to pilgrims and performing work tasks to the fullest Cooperation Teamwork and cooperation with pilgrims and work teams Credibility Providing services as agreed upon Governance Preserving the rights of pilgrims the company and all stakeholders

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